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Dh needs to learn spanish asap, would Rosetta Stone fit the bill?

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You can get a cheap mini version at Barnes & Noble for about $20 to see if you'd like it. But the full course is much more expensive -- and much more comprehensive. There are three levels for Spanish (I, II, and III) which are about $300 each. You might also want to check out your local library, as they often carry Pimsleur courses.


I'm going to attempt to post a link to the Pimsleur website below. Haven't yet posted a link on the new boards, so we'll see how that works! If it doesn't, just go to http://www.pimsleur.com.



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For fast acquisition of vocabulary and basic grammar, I think it's hard to beat Unforgettable Languages . Rosetta Stone is not particularly fast and is light on vocabulary. Haven't tried Crazy but, after the comments here, think I'll look into it. I have Visual Link and it starts out great, but I found that it quickly becomes difficult to do (at least for me). I need foreign languages spoon-fed to me, if at all possible!


There's also a paperbook on Spanish versions of English words that can be very helpful for expanding vocabulary quickly. I can't find my copy for the name. I know Amazon has it.

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I cannot comment much on a computer program for vocabulary acquisition. However, I have two suggestions that have proved quite valuable for us:


--There is a series of workbooks called Practice Makes Perfect. It's the very best thing I've found for just sheer practice. Each chapter gives a short, clear explanation followed by pages and pages of practice. It's simple and effective.


--We LOVE a Spanish tutoring service called 121Spanish. You can chat with a native Spanish tutor for $15 per hour. The tutors are not merely people who speak Spanish--they are trained, educated, and actually teach. Their system is very, very easy to use, and I have found them quite responsive to unusual or special requests. Our first experience with them was when we were in Guatemala taking language lessons every day--we continued on with tutoring via Skype on the internet.

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