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Veritas Press Scholars Academy??

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My youngest dd 13 was w/K12 ind. for six yrs. Than, high school came, and I decided to go a different path. I researched every online school, but took into consideration what dd could work w/.


She liked the Wimba classroom w/teacher and student participation. She would not waiver. So we did a tester and attempted Logic for summer. Brutal, but she came out w/an A and loved the class. It was 3 hr. a day plus homework. She , also made friends along the way.


So, we signed up for the diploma program. My idea of Omni is like it says everything. Theology, HIstory and Lit rolled into one. The book gives essays by different individuals which summarize great books.


Dd is doing a full course load this yr. as freshman and she has all her books and the first wk. of school done . She already rcd. syllabus.


Btw, customer service is very nice, no holding and you always get someone to talk to . Which I know is a prob in other schools. I cant stand call backs. Especially when there is hr. differences.


We are just starting this journey, basically w/all curric. you never know until you try. Perhaps sign up for one or two courses this fall and go from there. It sounds like most children that do this like it.


Also, there is new yahoo group VP Scholars academy. Questions are answered quick over there. Join us.

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Thanks for the info! I did sign up for the online group. I called and talked to someone but I'm still not sure what I would sign up an 8th grader for online. Do you only do certain subjects online? I also noticed that for their honors diploma it looks as if 8th graders are alreading doing Geometry! My dd is way behind then and doing Pre Algebra. So it almost seems like the honors diploma might already be ruled out for her b/c it seems so far ahead.

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Yeah, the honors is way out of our league. Some of these kids have been doing VP for awhile.


Dont feel bad, we just started. We are doing the lowest diploma program. And that is fine. This yr. my dd is taking:


Alg 1(she took Pre Alg in eighth)


Omni III Primary

Onmi III Secondary


we already tackled Logic in summer.

Perhaps do the classes that are a lil daunting, perhaps an Omni course or Comp, Latin or Logic(Rick Davis)good teacher.


Hope helps, but I a newbie and there are other vets out there.

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Does anyone know anything about this? I find it interesting but confusing . I am unfamiliar with Omnibus etc. I am interested however. Anyone who can give me info on the online classes I would appreciate it thanks!


We have used VP materials all along, so Omnibus I was a natural progression for us when she hit 7th grade. It was a stretch for us financially, but we bit the bullet and enrolled her. It was great! Right up her alley, and I could never have done as good a job as the Veritas professionals in teaching Omnibus. We continued with Omnibus II in 8th grade.


This year, I signed her up for the Academy. She will be able to get the honors degree if she really pushes herself. The math could be the limiting factor. She is all Lit. and Languages..... math, not so much ;). This year, she'll be taking Omnibus III primary, and secondary, Composition, and Latin II. She's getting her math and science at the local public school, and also has French III, and art. Totally her choice, as the French and Art are electives at this point. It is a FULL load, but she has always thrived with pressure. We are behind on logic. I tried to teach it, and it didn't go so well. We might take that as a summer course in 2010.


My dd really wants the Veritas diploma. We went to the end-of-year-gathering after the '08/'09 school year, and she really identified with her classmates. I would recommend it, if you can swing it.


My only hesitation about the whole thing is that my dd might burn out before college. It is a rigorous course load. I'm sure some kids could skate right through it, but my dd will really have to work at the math and science. So, we will see. We might have to back off and do the standard diploma, if the honors is out of reach.


Lots of rambling, but I hope something in there helps a little.


Blessings, Jackie

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