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Handwriting for a lefty


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HWT is especially suited for lefties because there is a "model" character on the right side of every line. They can write, while looking at the model, without covering it up with their left hand as they write. Also, the flat opening workbook is easy to cross (no spine on the wrist). And, the vertical letters are well suited for lefties (in cursive) because they don't have to push the pencil into a slanted letter.

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Ah! I think most people use R4H for Reason for Handwriting.


I posted above about HWT, because I used it with my kids. It's an excellent program, especially for beginners, and lefties.


I'm using R4H now, but only because both kids were finished with the HWT sequence, and I felt my 10yods needed more work. I got him R4H Level D. 11yodd loves copywork, so I got her Level F. (both cursive) Both of them wanted to learn a more traditional, slanted style of cursive, and they like the Bible verses. It was an easy transition after HWT cursive.


I'm not sure R4H would work as well for a leftie because there is only one model for each letter/word, and it's on the left side of the page. As your dc writes, his hand will cover the model, and he'll only have his memory to serve him. He'll have to keep picking up his hand to see under it. Even righties, in this format, end up copying their own previous attempts, and their writing gets worse and worse as they go across the page. HWT is better because there is a model to the left AND to the right of the space he's writing on. He'll always be able to see a perfect model, and have more success copying it.

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