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A beka for spelling?

Guest Candeepal

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Guest Candeepal

We are currently using A Beka and I want to switch to a classical method. I was thinking of still using A Beka spelling, I know WTM recommends modern curriculum, but has anyone been successful with A Beka? Since this is the method he has learned to read already.



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We use Abeka for Phonics, Reading, Language, Spelling and Penmenship K-3rd. I like the fact that all of those subjects are tied together within the curriculum. Now that my oldest is in 4th grade and somewhat Abeka'd out... we did not continue with Abeka 4 Language -- went to Classical Writing and added

Latin for Children as a transition to more "Classical" education; but I continue with Abeka Spelling and Penmenship. For Spelling, I have him complete the workbook pages and then orally spell each of the words. The words he misses, he then writes 3 times and they go on a review list to be spelled orally later. The Lang. Arts teachers manuals (spelling section) also give sentences for dictation and the penmenship books have plenty of Bible verses and important quotes to count as quality copywork IMO :)


I tried hopping to OPGTR, FLL, and Sequential Spelling.... kept coming back to Abeka :)

(Ds9 liked the idea of SS and still wants to do the lists, and since he needs to strengthen his spelling- we just do both.... Abeka makes more sense to me.)


One more thing... I did get Mod Curr. Press Spelling Workout A and found that the only real difference at the beginning was the fact that MCP spent more time on CVC words before going to 2 vowel words. Abeka 1 has 2 vowels almost right away. If you are past 1, then it's a wash. As for putting spelling rules into your "Language Arts" notebook recommended by WTM - Abeka Spelling 3 has an appendix outling spelling and word usage rules that I had ds9 copy and put into the proper sections of his notebook. (I think MCP calls the rules "Pep Talks".)



Jennifer Blok - in a very soggy California!!!

Hs'ing 4 yrs

ds9, ds7, dd3

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