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Math Reference book needed (middle school)


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My always-struggled-with-math 7th grade dd is doing very well w/ ALEKS (3 weeks into it) but I'd like to get a math reference book -- something that will let her look at the concepts in both another format and offline. We have a lot of "living math books" but nothing systematic that we could use to look information and have a clear explanation w/ a diagram or 2.


I've been browsing Amazon and come up w/ these titles:


Algebra to Go

Math to Know

Math on Call

Troll Math Homework Survival Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Math Homework


The first three appear to by the same publisher and the last two say 4-6th grade.


Anyone have a great math encyclopedia or dictionary they can recommend? No actual problem sets, just a place to look up the how-to?


Thanks! :)

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...Math to Know (3rd-4th gr.) and Math at Hand (5th-6th gr.).


Math on Call is for middle school grades, according to the GreatSource website: http://www.greatsource.com/store/ProductCatalogController?cmd=Browse&subcmd=LoadDetail&ID=1003600000006166&division=G01&frontOrBack=F&sortEntriesBy=SEQ_NAME&sortProductsBy=SEQ_TITLE


We use Math to Know and Math at Hand as handbooks; when I feel that my child needs another perspective or explanation of a specific topic, I'll have him read about it in the handbook. We also use them to get familiar with any American math terminology that isn't in the Singapore math program.


We actually end up using only about 20-25% of the books. Still, it's worth it for us. It's written to the student, it often shows more than one way of doing things, it implements visuals & color diagrams in a clear and appealing way. I plan on getting more of these!



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