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Jann in TX, Myrtle, Charon and other "Mathy Minds"


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I love reading your math threads. It is a real blessing to have "Mathy" people on this board. I feel like I'm at a Super Wal-Mart when I come here. It looks as though math is a really tough subject to get a handle on, at least for me. I was wondering if you had the time is you could list a curriculum recommendations in

[1]Non-Math (Child must have DVD's at upper levels)

[2]Okay until Alg.(Child could handle if DVDs or possible well laid out solutions manuals are available)

[3]3Pretty Confident (I can handle rigorous, possible outsource with a tutor or hand over to Dad;) if help needed)


I'll start only to show what I mean, please by no means should anyone follow my lead I am one of those that sputters out at Alg.


[1],[2] or [3]

1-6 Pick an Elementary curriculum and stick with it (Ones I have used Bob Jones, Singapore, MUS)



7th Teaching Textbooks or Chalkdust (Uses Larson text)

8th Pre-Algebra Video Text all the Way through







7th Lial Basic College Math, Chalkdust or Video Text

8th Dolciani Structure & Method 1

9th Geometry (no clue what to use:D)

10th Dolciani Structure & Mehod 1

11th Pre- Calc ((no clue what to use:D)





I can't even Imagine........

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We are keeping our nonmathy daughter in Singapore even if that means she doesn't finish the primary series until high school. Everyone works at their own pace and some of us finally figure it out at 40.:D


I'm learning whatever math it takes to teach the curriculum of my choice after that. There are a several math message boards where you can post to if you get stuck. If you were trying to teach yourself NEM, you could post to the forums at singaporemath.com, for example. I have also posted to math message boards and privately emailed high school teachers and mathematicians for help and they are usually responsive.

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