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We used Bio I for first grade last year and are currently using Chem I for second grade. We will probably use Physics I next year. We enjoy the books. Experiments are included, but at least as implemented by us, I would not describe it as a very "hands-on" type program. There will be some weeks with several experiments, but many weeks where none are scheduled.


I think Noeo is well-suited for early elementary. I have not made any science decisions for beyond third grade. But I like that at this age level, we learn a lot without a lot of writing, worksheets, tests, or work for me!

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I just bought the Physics II and resold it right away. To me and my highschool science major son, it stretched each topic out waaaay too long...spending weeks on the same simple stuff. This may have been okay for younger kids, but for my 10 year old girls....it was just not what we wanted. I kept the science encyclopedia and we will use it for reference as my son helps me make our own science program for the 3 younger girls. He is great at that and I am thinking we may even be able to distribute it to other homeschoolers after we get a whole year scheduled.

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I tried to use Chem 2 this year for 3rd and 6th and it just didnt fly. My 3rd grader enjoyed it, but it was really advanced and abstract stuff for her. Atomic theory is way out there for a 3rd grader when you think about quarks, gluon, leptons, etc.


My 6th grader hated it. She was very tired of the same subject over and over again. It moved too slowly for her and again, it really is an advanced concept. Much of what was presented I didnt get until high school.


I switched back to BJU Science. I have all the materials and have done several of the experiments with BJU. We use the resource books to back up BJU as well.


Great idea for a program, just didnt work for us

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Here's my review:


We used NOEO Biology II with our 5th grade son. He is not particularly science oriented. Neither am I. I have mixed feelings about the curriculum.


The advantage is that it is all laid out for you. The reading is not too difficult for a 5th grader. In fact a bit on the easier side since it's targeted at 4th-6th grade. It is not time consuming - we spend perhaps 30-45 minutes 2x per week. After a week or two of guidance, it can be done fairly independently. It’s secular, which I prefer.


The disadvantage is that it is not very challenging. The "experiments" were fairly lame - mostly looking at something under the microscope and sketching it. There are a few kits that come with it. Dad and son did the kits on eggs and owls, and they were good. Okay, my son thought the owl pellet was really gross. There is a long section using the Body Book, which is all cut-and-paste. The plant kits were decent.


But, what I found with Noeo is that there is too much freedom for my unmotivated student to do a mediocre job. Because all he has to do is read 2 pages and write about them, I find that he reads the pages and picks out 2-3 sentences to write down. I need more accountability. If I want to quiz him about what he’s read, I have to read the pages and determine the questions to ask on my own. That, coupled with the lack of hands-on activities, is disappointing.

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Oh yeah, does anyone know of a program that does teach evolution?




I have never used a program for science. My kids do so much on their own there is no need. There are many books for children on both Darwin and evolution now. I don't know what ages you are teaching, but here is a short list with books that span several age groups:


Darwin and Evolution for Kids: His Life and Ideas with 21 Activities

The Tree Of Life: The Wonders Of Evolution

Mammals Who Morph: The Universe Tells Our Evolution Story

Life on Earth: The Story of Evolution

Eyewitness: Evolution

From Lava to Life: The Universe Tells Our Earth's Story

Born With a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story


For older/high-school age readers I would recommend Selfish Gene, Blind Watchmaker, Ancestor's Tale, and River Out Of Eden all by Richard Dawkins.

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