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Have I ruined my math-minded son forever by using TT Algebra I?

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He is on Chapter 9 of the program and doing really well. Now, from reading some of the posts here I'm wondering what to do - I have a perfectly fine copy of Jacob's Elementary Algebra sitting here but didn't use it at the last minute this year because I was suffering the trauma of "nine-month pregnacy brain" syndrome.


He's a freshman this year - loves math and all things math, hates science and doesn't seem to be heading toward anything in the science or engineering field but really doesn't know what he wants at this point.


I'm contemplating jumping him over for the rest of the year (we have school until the end of June but he could work through our summer break) into Jacobs - maybe having him take the tests until he gets really stuck - then continuing from there and hopefully finishing the text early in our next school year so that he could go into Jacob's Geometry with Ask Dr. Callahan DVD's if I decide I need the help.


Has anyone else done such a thing? Another option I had considered was to let him finish the TT Algebra this year, then do Jacob's Geometry this year then follow that with Dr. Callahan's plan for Algebra II with Trig the next year but I'm afraid that will be too much of a jump from TT.


Any suggestions will be most welcome.



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TT's Algebra 1 is an average text--but it does a great job at teaching the material it does cover--so your son will be just fine if he uses TT.


I know I'm at the center of much of the TT confusion--and I did not set out to confuse anyone! I just gave my personal opinion of what this program was lacking. My main concerns were about the material covered (or not covered)in their Algebra 2 program and the rigour of their Pre-Calc program.


I suggest letting your son complete TT Algebra 1.


While he is working Geometry have him review his Algebra 1--using another text or a program like ALEKS. He does not--and should not have to redo a whole program. I recommend this type of review for most students who are working a Geometry program between the Algebras. By using a second text to review from the student will gain the experience of seeing problems worded differently--and may even find a different method of working some problems that makes more sense to the student.

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Thanks Jann,


I appreciate your responding to my question and you have relieved my mind. I had somehow missed that your major concerns were in the Algebra II and pre-Calc text.


I'll follow your advice about having him finish TT Algebra I. Reviewing while doing Geometry was something I had planned anyway. Thank you so much for your quick reply.



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Guest kacifl

Interesting advice. My daughter aced TT Algebra 1, 100%. While doing her Geometry, what if I copy her ALgebra 1 tests and just have her do one each couple of weeks... noting areas she may have forgotten. Would this work?

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