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Tip of the day:Don't eat Maltitol!

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Oh, man, I'm suffering.


I ate a "low-sugar" candy bar last night which had "maltitol" listed as it's first ingredient (which I didn't see until this morning).


I had the worst nightmares all night long - dh had to wake me up from one of them in which ds#2 had drowned because of a stupid mistake I made. I was crying out in my sleep - thank God he woke me up. That was the worst one, but the dreams went on all night.


Then this morning my stomach was hugely upset. Bleah. I feel like I've been hit by a truck and I'm a wreck from those dreams.


I went online this morning and looked up "maltitol" and sure enough - digestive distress is listed as a side effect. Why do they put this stuff on the market?

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Any sugar alcohol except erythitol. For some reason it has no side effects. lacitol and maltitol are the worst:(. Sorry, about your experience! I've stayed away from sugar free candy for that reason! However, I make a really good sugar free fudge! I put erythitol in it and liquid splenda. Erythitol must be more expensive than the others because not too many companies use it...I wish they did!

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