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Do you think public school days should be longer?

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This is DEFINITELY a concern. The elementary bus comes right at 6am. It returns at 4:45. So lengthening the school day puts kids home REALLY late (imo, they already get home pretty late!).






My niece is in 2nd grade. She gets on the bus at about 6:20. The bus gets her home after 4:30.


The bus in my neighborhood came at 6 and drops off at 5. First on, last off. I don't see why they can't at least do a first on, first off option instead. The bus no longer picks anyone up here. The parents have all arranged to take their kids themselves or carpool. None of them wanted to get up that early!

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"Many kids ride a bus home and do not get home until 4:30 or so. If they extended the school day until, say, 4 or 5pm, then when would those kids do homework? How would they have a life outside of school at all? The school would have to feel them dinner too!


However, I just thank God that it doesn't affect me one way or the other!"


:iagree:My niece and nephew get on the bus at 4:00 and get home at 5:00 (they live 10 minutes from the school) because of combined bus routes. If they make school days longer they would be coming home in the dark for most of the school year.....ugh!


I know they talked of that in OH but now it seems they are tacking on 20 more days.......in our county we have alot of "excused" days because of bad roads or flooding and I supposed that would help....BUT......I agree with a previous reply that if they can't accomplish what they need in the amount of days and hours they have now, what makes them think they can by just "adding more hours or adding more days". I think reorg is in need! Also-----isn't this what the world is coming to? New World Order?!?! They want control of everything so take the kids away from home a little bit longer! Sorry---shouldn't vent but it seems in my lovely OH gov't they keep taking money (and things) away from our kids.....our libraries, state parks, and many other activities that have had budget cuts but not our gov't official paychecks!


SORRY----better stop before I get on another rabbit trail!



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I do not want longer days....in fact one of the reasons I am HS'ing DS is because his school portion of the day can be shorter and it gives us more time to do outside activities (while learning MORE than the kids in PS)


My DD doesn't get home til after 4:30 and we have to rush around to get to dance classes on time....if they extended the day, she wouldn't even be able to take dance anymore

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One thing that I just wanted to make note of is that schools have taken on the responsibility of teaching health and safety... because parents don't. That is one change that would be needed to get a short day (about the same as a homeschool day) KWIM?


Boys and Girls Club is another private organization for this purpose.


Time and again we see that the less parental involvement a child has the worse off they are. So we are making school days longer? I am beginning to think this might just be a way the government takes control of the next generation.

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