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1828 Webster's American Dictionary ...


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We have it, but to be honest my kids don't use it. They did when we first got it, but after a few words not being IN it...they decided their time was too valuable to look up a word in a dictionary and have it not be there, and then have to look it up in another. They hate having to look things up as it is. It has THOUSANDS of words in it!! But of course it only took a couple not being there to turn them off completely. So, basically, it sits here on the shelf. :(


I found a 1951 Websters New World College Edition Dictionary of the American Language at a library sale for $2 that they use instead. I personally like the 1828 Websters, but it is a rather large book that can be quite cumbersome to use. When I am in a hurry, I will usually pick up the smaller 1951 edition before the 1828. The 1951 definitely gets more use.

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Sorry to dredge this up, but I have been recently looking into this for a couple of classes my kids will be doing next year (from Queen Homeschool). I'm not sure why they ask for that one, but maybe I can just have them look things up in the on-line version? Or, Melissa, you want to get rid of yours? :D


Everyone of the same opinion mostly, that it's really maybe not worth buying?

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