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If you use the IOWA tests, do you also use the cogAT?

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Partly because my kids think it's the most fun part of the test, and partly just because I like the additional information. I order the ITBS/CogAt combined from BJUP and it's only an extra $17.50 for each child. If you order them separately, it's an extra $32. The CogAT is a very short and easy test to administer.

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I used it the first time. I like the additional information it gives. But, it takes a lot more time, in addition to the extra cost. I skipped it for two years, then gave it again last year. I won't do it this year, but will probably do it again in a couple more years. I'm thinking every three years will be enough for us.

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I would consider it because, if I remember right, it is similar to the TCS (Test of Cognitive Skills) that goes along with the CAT testing offered by Bayside and Seton.


I found out quite quickly when my ds went into PS 7th grade that the TCS plus grades were how the kids qualified for AG ("gifted").


I wish I had known and had those scores on file, because what if he had scored well and been able to be in AG? The PS never offered that option--they just assume homeschoolers will NOT be in AG classes because they haven't been in PS.

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