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Does anyone make homemade Easter candy?

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This is primarily because, as refined-sugar-avoiding vegans, there aren't a lot of commercial items available. And what there is out there is often expensive and not all that tasty.


Over the years, I have made various things, including fudge (using almond milk and peanut butter) and different types of cookies or cupcakes or muffins in assorted cute shapes. With the fudge, I usually make some attempt to package it prettily. One year, for example, I made large-ish rounds, which I wrapped in aluminum foil and then decorated with construction paper ears and faces to look like bunnies. Other years, I've bought little foil candy cups (like the ones used for peanut butter cups) in colors that coordinate with however I'm decorating the baskets (usually determined by the kids' Easter outfits) and spoon the fudge into those. To keep things fresh and neat, I usually put small servings (a couple of cookies, one muffin or cupcake, three small pieces of fudge) into a plastic baggie and tie it with some curling ribbon.


This reminds me: With my daughter away at school over Easter this year, I had better plan to get a care package out to her with a few treats in it . ..



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