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Funny novels for middle school boys?

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Bill Myers' "Wally McDoogle" books fit the bill. The first one is "My Life as a Smashed Burrito with Hot Sauce." They're funny, intelligent and fun to read. They're also Christian, if that's important to you. If you're not a Christian, they're not "in-your-face" with the references to God/Christianity, IMO, so they'd appeal to most secular families, too.


There are 20+ novels in this series.


I'm so glad you posted this question, b/c it has spurred me to get out the old Wally books for ds, who's now 10. ;)



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15 Minutes is a hilarious book. A teenager finds a watch that his grandfather had invented and puts it on. It's actually a time machine, but it only takes you back 15 minutes. It has some seriousness, but is a lot of fun too. My two older girls both loved it. My youngest is extremely picky. I haven't gotten her to open it.



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