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Scoring High ITBS prep - do I need to order the TE too?


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For those of you that have used the Scoring High test prep series did you find the Teacher Edition helpful?


I have a 5th grader that will be taking the ITBS for the first time in May. I was planning to buy the Scoring High workbook and have him go through a couple of pages a day until the test, mostly to get him familiar with the type of questions on the test. The TE is an extra $18. Do I need to order that too?



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Here's an earlier response I made on the Scoring High Test prep materials:


I use the Scoring High materials for our preparation for the Stanford Test. I usually get the TE, but I know I will use it two more times. The TE will give you testing strategies and the instructions that your kids will hear when they test. My boys aren't always great listeners, so this helps me get them ready to know what to do if they're not paying attention or they are nervous on the testing day. The TE also makes grading their practice tests easier. We don't always agree with the answer, but that opens up discussion for what information the different types of questions are looking for. Is it necessary? No. Does it make my life easier? Yes. Is it worth $18? At this time in my life, oh yeah.

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