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I think it's perfect for her age-any older and I think the coloring aspect would get a little old.

She does this four days a week, but I review the vocabulary with her just about every day.

Her exposure to Spanish prior to this consisted of me trying a new curriculum every fall, and giving up a month later.

Fun Spanish is easy, very user friendly, and for that reason we have been consistent with it.

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are using Galore Park's So You Really Want to Learn Spanish, but I think that may be too old for her.

She'll be ready for something else this summer-maybe since we're on a roll something on the shelf may work, y'know?

I have kept the Learnables, Spanish For Children, Sophie Speaks Spanish, flashcards and La Clase Divertida.


Wow, kind of embarrassing how many Spanish programs I own:o

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It's a nice "break" from her core subjects. She loves the coloring and it really "cements" the vocab. While I don't intend for this to be her only program (we will start using Learnables soon and she also takes a Spanish class in co-op), it is certainly a "fun" exposure/intro to Spanish. I plan to use it with ds8 and 9 next year as well.

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