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Selling Car ????

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We listed our car for sale and SOLD it on Saturday. YEA!!! YEA!!!! YEA!!!!!!!


DH rec'd a small check from the folks to hold the car until they bring a cashier's check to the motor vehicle place when we transfer the title to them.


So far we have rec'd 4 phone calls; on again, off again,.....


I'm getting quite concerned that this deal is off again.


Right now the folks are to bring a cashier's check to the State Motor Vehicle place on Wednesday so we can transfer the title to them. (They are giving it to their grandson for his birthday on Thursday.) This is the first car we have ever sold ourselves. WHAT should we be watching out for, or thinking of, so we don't get 'taken'?



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Do you still have the car in your possession?


Nothing is a done deal until you have the cash in hand and the title transferred. Cashiers checks are much better than personal checks(which you should never accept in a situation like this), but there *have* been scams using fake cashiers checks. If you're concerned about the buyer you might require cash instead. Have you tried to deposit the small check? Or checked with the bank to verify funds on the check?


It sounds like they might still change their mind, but the plans to meet you at the licensing department are a good sign.


The sale will probably go just fine. :) Just don't count your chickens before they hatch. Also, if the deal DOES fall through don't hesitate to cash the check they gave you. It was for your time and energy to hold the sale for them.

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Nothing is a done deal until it's actually done, and with their history especially. I would seriously consider asking them to bring cash. We have always asked for cash after our first vehicle we sold the check bounced:eek:, they were Christians and knew our neighbors so we thought we were safe. We were able to get their money just by calling them and letting them know what happened, so our experience ended well, but it made us realize not to do that again.:rolleyes:

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