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My brother just came over to tell me that he is getting a divorce.

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They have been married for 25 years! I thought they were the happiest couple of the planet. I don't even know what to say, I am just stunned, sad, and a bit in denial.


I'm sorry, Dorothy. It's always so shocking when something like this happens. (((Dorothy)))

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but on the other hand, the fact they were polite and mannerly to the point you didn't know there was a problem is good, too. Who likes a Battling Betty and Bruce in the family?

Here's hoping it can all be civil. When my ex and I divorced, I sent out a note (which he highly approved of) making it clear there was no beating or cheating or monkey business and that we had no intention of it becoming rude. They say marriage is the union that always ends in sorrow. I didn't even get the relief of "I'm finally rid of the b@st@*%" because he wasn't one.

Here's also hoping any kids chug along through this okay. Civility is very important for them.

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