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"You may not have a power tool in your hand without parent permission!"

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My 12yob wants to power drill rocks.


Ack! I can't imagine that happening here since DH almost never uses his power tools. The miter saw I bought him 8-9 years ago has never made it out of the box even though it was something he wanted.


My kids?

The boys, ages 2 and 7, are at the dog park with my husband. The oldest girl is using her screen time on the computer until I can get up and cut her hair. The baby is in my lap sleeping.


It's very quiet here.

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I was checking to see if a friends son is going to get sprung from the hospital today (he's not :( ), and mind took that opportunity to ESCAPE the great american "muck out the schoolroom" project!


Time to go back and round them back up.


But, i was the one with the powertool in my hand today - crappy version that it was!! LOL!! (and my shelf is not level because of it)

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DS14 is doing Geometry and has spent the day helping me around the house and with dd2.


DD10 and DD2 just left to go hiking with dad and hope to find a clear place to watch for meteors tonight.

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Let's see ds and dd are playing in a friend's pool


ds 5 is next door picking raspberries and I here him singing


ANd baby girl well she just brought me a pair of scissors and a bandaid, hmm apparently I should have been watching her better lol

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Your post title reminded me of a conversation I had with my uncle this summer. His granddaughter is married to a Southern Gospel singer who is one of the best bass singers in the world. He is incredibly talented. My uncle said, "Tim can sing good, but that's all he can do. Don't ever give him a hammer, and if you see him with one, take it from him." Apparently, Tim has flooded the house and busted a window out of the van, among other things.

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