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Let it be know that I am on the cutting edge of cool, groovy, hip and neato keen.

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When we were naming Romy, we had short list of names. One was an obscure name that I thought was just beautiful, but Bud thought sounded a bit "snooty". It was Everly. Well, of course, Romy is now 8 months old and every bit Romy.


BUT, yesterday when I was at the grocery store, I was flipping through a gossip mag at the checkout (I like to do that when I'm alone...I'm a do as I say, not as I do kinda gal, I suppose). There was a young celebrity whose name and face I do not recognize, but I guess he is very hip and cool to be in such a magazine, walking with his *son*, Everly!


First of all, that is obviously a girl's name. Second, I am such a trendsetter - Which explains the overabundance of 10lb overweight 40 year-olds!

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You da' woman!


And, at least you had the good sense not to give your Romy (or your potential Everly) the middle name chosen by that celebrity!



Red Hot Chili Pepper rocker
Anthony Kiedis
, 44, and his model girlfriend,
Heather Christie,
22, became first time parents today when they welcomed their first child, a boy, early this morning at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Anthony's father has announced the name as
Everly Bear
, and says he has '2-3 inches of jet black hair.'





I wonder if the kid knows his parents are planning for him to become a Disney character when he grows up. :rolleyes:



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You cool thing, you.


We thought we were being unique when we named our 2nd son Aidan. Apparently, so did everyone else. :P


We named my DS Jacob. At the time I'd only known *two* Jacobs in my lifetime. I liked the fact that it wasn't very common, but still well known.


It turned out to be the #1 boys name that year. :eek:

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I like both Romy and Everly. I really like Romy, it was my grandfather's name. Actually it was Roma, but he pronounced it Romy. Everly reminds me of the Everly Brothers tho. Then again, Jordan, Taylor, Tracy, and Carroll used to be boys names too. LOL!


I picked out my ds' name 10 years before he was born. Loved it because it was different, but not strange. Never, ever, heard it before. Unfortunately it is becoming very common now.


I just love that you named your dd Romy, if I had been smarter I might have used that for my dd. YOU are very cool!

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Romy is with a long "o" sound. I hope it won't become too common. Peyton was around 200 in popularity when we named her, and has bumped up some, but never been in the top 100. Romy is around 1000 or something, so I hope it will stay a bit unusual.


But if you add Payton and Peyton together, it does break the top 100, and then add the boys to it too....


It is frustrating; I know! I gave my dd a name of a friend in highschool that was not even in the top 1000. Then, in the past six years, a movie character had the first name, then a movie character had it as her last name. 3 celebs have the name as a last name, =--- and the horrors!~ It' s now a first name on a major primetime show. :eek:


I give up, LOL :cool:

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