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Whoever is up, how do you search the board - my son has severe

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A folk remedy for ear infections is to warm a little bit of olive oil and drip it into the ear. It works *incredibly* well (i have a lot of ear infections, my kids never get them). One word of caution-do not do this if you suspect the ear drum may have ruptured.

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Hyland's makes a homeopathic ear ache formula that REALLY works fast.

Years ago dd was crying out in pain - a kid who NEVER cried!

I was thinking ER stat because it came on SO SUDDENLY! But I sent my mom to the health food store with the name HYLAND'S in her hand.


It worked and fast.

My mom was floored.


Try it.

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Warm olive oil in the ear


Hair dryer to warm the ear


This one sounds odd but...Cook a potato in the microwave for a few minutes until hot. Put the potato in a thick sock. Use the potato for a hot pack. The reason this works is that it is localized, warm, Moist heat.


Sit upright, not laying down. Try different positions.


Give the child an antihistamine and a decongestant.


And of course a stout dose of Tylenol or Motrin.

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I'm always one to wait until we use antiboitics but the last time we had this situation he told me that the sudden severe pain is always a sign of infection. The slow ache isn't always necessarily bacterial, it may be a virus.


In my experience I'd be taking this kid into a walk-up clinic.

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