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I have just started refereeing basketball!

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I have just started refereeing basketball. I have never played. All my children are right into basketball, and the local basketball was/is having a lot of trouble getting referees. I put my name down, and started straight away. I thought I would have a bit of training or something. but no. I was given the rules to read, and started the next day with the under 19's. all the teams have been very helpful and can see that I am trying to learn.


I have discovered it is a great way to get exercise. And it is way easier than trying to teach grammar( still having problems with clauses and predicate nominatives):glare:

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Way to go, Melissa.


I reffed bball for a year -- never high school and mostly youngers. It was one of the hardest gigs I've ever tried, and I'd rather be figuring out the KISS grammar website than ever pick up a whistle again!


Good luck!


It's great exercise.



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