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Italic Handwriting and StartWrite?

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I'm trying again...I would love some insight from those with experience with these programs...:rolleyes:


Can I use StartWrite alone to teach the GD Italic method, or would it be better to use the series of GD workbooks first?


Would the GD teacher manual be useful in coordination with SW?


Would you recommend working on each letter for mastery in formation before starting copywork?


Thank you to the ladies who responded to the earlier post.:o

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My dd has done the Italic books A&B, and is currently doing copywork for handwriting. I have the TM for the GD books, but I've barely used it, except for some tips on posture, paper position, and using the correct terms (header, mid-line, etc.) when teaching letter formation. I'm going to continue using copywork for handwriting practice before moving on to the material covered in Book C. But, I think I'm going to purchase Startwrite, and use that instead of using Book C or further books. I think I'm going to use Startwrite only with my ds (who's only 3 right now) when he's ready for handwriting instruction.


I don't currently own Startwrite, though, so I can't really say for sure if it will work - I can only say this is what I plan to do. I think, if you want to have a proper lesson and haven't done any italics before, then getting Startwrite and the GD teacher's manual is probably a good choice. You can see how all the letters are supposed to be formed (x is tricky, LOL), but you don't have to go through all the workbooks.


My .02, but it might not be worth that much!



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