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Need help making Math come alive...

Mom to 3+1

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My 2 nd graders are doing MUS and really doing well. This is our first year hs and I have been very focused on catching up the basic facts, which were missing after last year. While I believe that those facts will be something we will work on for year to come, I want to make Math pop to them... so here's the question


Are there fun, relavent, live giving unit studies for math that I can buy mostly complete?


My friend last night told me about a unit that her daughter did in ps where the kids earned money by doing math problem to spend on live stock. Horses cost so much and took up so much space on the farm (a piece of large graph paper), chickens required ... cows the same. So the kids had to earn the money,, do the math to find out how much to spend, spend it and work out the size/space of each animal on the paper. Then decorate the farm by coloring, cutting out and drawing.


Does anyone know of anything like this? and Where to get it. I could probably figure it out, but I already have so much on my plate, I would love to skip that step.


Any thoughts on making Math fun, relavent and real would be appriciate.


Laura :)

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