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Some questions RE: CW


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Will I need a spelling or vocabulary program, too? I was thinking of using Vocabulary Bridges, but is that over-kill?


CW Homer is a lot of work, so I would try to streamline as much as possible. There is a vocabulary element of CW; spelling is included as well, sort of. If your child struggles with spelling you may want a separate spelling program, but I'd skip the separate vocabulary program.

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Yes, CW can incorporate writing, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, just like the LCC approach where Latin can incorporate grammar, spelling, and vocubulary. Even though, I still do CW and Latin along with a separate program for grammar and spelling. The spelling program that I use focuses on vocabulary in 7th & 8th grade, and I'll use a separate vocabulary program as we move into the high school years.

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Depends on which books you are getting.


CW Aesop:

Includes one day of spelling work and one day of copywork (dictation later in Aesop B).

I supplement with a separate spelling program since my kids aren't natural spellers and really need it. I didn't use a separate vocab prgm because we just don't do vocab till around 7th.


CW Homer:

Does not include any spelling analysis. It does include a day of vocabulary analysis. Dictation is still one day/wk.

I am still early in Homer A, but my dd still uses a separate spelling program because.. well she needs it. We also have a separate vocab program and a separate Latin program (but life has gotten in the way of these two).


CW for older beginners (or whatever they call it):

This is for older students (I think 8th grade+ just starting CW)-

I haven't seen this one but I would guess that it covers some spelling analysis and vocab analysis.


I don't know much about the upper levels except to say that at some point they will include some review of logic.



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