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Anybody here have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport or Cherokee Classic?

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We are looking for a car for ER & today, my brother told us about a Jeep Cherokee (he's not sure if it's a Sport or a Classic) that he has seen. It's about a 2-hour drive from here to where the car is. Is it worth the drive to go and look at it? Or is this one of those avoid-at-all-costs vehicles? If you own one of these, what kinds of problems have you had with it? How is the fuel efficiency? Thanks!

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2000 grand cheerokee limited so if they share any parts I can tell you...


the gas mileage is 17mpg we have the 8 cylinder, we bought it new, at 125,00 started to get into replace mode for cvc joints, rear & front axel, alternator, tie rods, power steering column, watch out for the control console (replaced @ 100,00 m bad wires),

why have we replaced these items?

we live on a dirt road with potholes & I'm pretty sure my dh flies down the road & all the other dirt roads here- when he is the only passenger) replaced original front brakes at 90,000 m.


Body & engine are great, transmission fine too. I have liked this car and found it trustworthy on snow, icy roads, blizzards & mud.

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We just bought our 5th Jeep with in the last 10 years.


We have had...

1993 Wrangler (still have) almost 190,000 miles

1991 Cherokee (just sold...was damaged due to an accident...would still be driving it if that had not happened.) fuel...20 mph town (6 cyl). 185,000 miles

19 something Grand Wagoneer (my dream car but had major problems with it. We got it an an auction on a whim...bad choice on our part)

1993 Cherokee (still have) fuel...20 mph town (6 cyl.) 180,000 miles

2002/3 Grand Cherokee fuel...16 in town...8 cyl.


I (and dh) highly recommend Jeeps. The main thing we see that goes wrong with them is warping in the brake rotors and water pumps going out. Easy and cheap fixes if you do them yourselves...dh knows Jeeps inside and out.


Here is a good website that I did a lot of research on before we bought this last Jeep. You should find it very helpful...

MSN autos


Good luck in your search! We are a Jeep lovin' family! :p

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