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Web sites for elementary age?


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I need some good, safe, fun websites for my 9-year old daughter. It doesn't need to be educational, just not trashy or dangerous. Educational sites are good too, but I'm looking for this for her free time. And since I'm asking the question, how many of your kids use Webkinz and what do you think of it. I haven't succumbed yet, but so many of her friends have them.

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They are so cute. I was going to suggest this for you. It is really a nice site. All the dialogue is scripted. There are quizzes, games, and the real draw money managment.


You are given so much money and one room to start with your pet. You have to feed your pet and make sure it stays happy and healthy. You get to dress them up and design the house and furnish the rooms. You can even garden.


Lots of fun. We're all addicted to Cow Cash here.


I would set a firm time-limit though because it is easy to lose track of time.

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