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How does this look for first grade?


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This is our 2nd year homeschooling. Last year we only did McRuffy Phonics/reading, handwriting and Singapore math. I want to add some more this year



--reading--McRuffy phonics


--math--Singapore, McRuffy or RightStart (Still deciding..any input appreciated!)



--history--SOTW Vol 1 w/AG, various read alouds



--science--Elemental Science or McRuffy (again, still deciding)



--music--Stories of the Great Composers, learning to play the recorder, songs, dancing etc (all really relaxed and fun...no pressure)



--art---DS is into drawing so we'll do this plus other art throughout the week when inspired


--hope to do some FIAR w/ my 3 yr old and 6yr old can sit in too


--karate twice a week (at night...does this already), may add gymnastics if I can afford it or soccer


--would love to add a language...trying to see where that would fit in and how often (would have to do some on the weekends b/c my DD wants to learn too and she is in PS during the week)


so, how does that look? Realistic or too much? I tend to want to do more than we can usually accomplish lol, but there is so much great material out there! Definitely have to keep science b/c that's what DS is most excited about. I'm hoping to keep everything (other than sports) limited to a couple hours a day



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forgot to add, Im also going to attempt Hooked on Phonics pre-k with my 3 yr old plus FIAR (if you knew my 3 yr old, you'd know why I say "attempt" LOL)


I'm really only doing it b/c he is begging for school and I hope it will keep him out of his brothers school books. I don't expect to accomplish too much but his is very bright and I want to give him the chance to learn (so yeah, wish me luck :lol:)

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I'd say that your plan looks reasonable, I am planning about the same amount, maybe slightly heavier, so I don't speak from experience, just as another planning mama. I do have lots of Read A Louds that I'm weaving in as well, some are during the day content area reading and others are snuggle "fun " reading.


We are going to be doing Artistic pursuits for art. It combines technique and a little bit of history as well as picture study.


Also I haven't made a final decision yet, but I'm looking at The Easy Spanish Junior Level or Espanol para los chiqitos for our foreign Language starting in the fall.


Good luck and have fun! I figure we can always add or reduce as we go along!



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Good luck and have fun! I figure we can always add or reduce as we go along!




I agree....the only ones that we will be definitely covering in full will be math & reading. Science and history are just fun add ons at this age (they dont do much of these at all in our public school) and we'll do whatever amount feels right

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