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Recovering from a whiplash type injury

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My daughter hurt her neck and shoulder while ice skating.


After ice, heat and tylenol for 2 days and it was getting worse instead of better I took her to pediatrician. Who sent her to pediatric orthopedist.


After numerous x-rays he has her on bed rest, anti-inflammatory and valium. She is also wearing a neck brace.


The problem is her camp starts on Sunday (a 9 hour drive from my house!).


The doctor is seeing her Monday morning but he already has said he is hesitant to have her head off to camp, 9 hours away, in the middle of nowhere, with a fresh neck injury.




Her camp is only 4 weeks long. I am thinking that she just may have to miss the whole thing.


I am torn about when to send her (late) or not at all.


Anyone have a similar injury and how long did it take you to recover?

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If you had a chiropractor you trusted, I'd take her there. The end of May, I fell backwards onto my outstretched hand. It hurt from my fingers to my neck. I broke my wrist and sprained it with tendon tears in the wrist & forearm. The chiropractor helped the neck & shoulder pain. Time healed the bone. A lot more time is required to heal the tendon & muscle damage.

Bottom line, muscle damage can take long time to heal. If your dr has her on valium, he must think it's pretty serious.

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I have suffered this type of injury.


I would NOT send her to camp with a fresh injury like this. I'm sorry. The potential for re-injury is waaaaay too high.


I would highly, highly recommend physical therapy, right away. Find one that is sports-oriented as they tend to be much more focused on exercise. I would not send her to hospital-based PT (unless there was no other options)--I would look for a sports PT if possible.


PTs are trained to manage pain with a minimum of drug interventions. They will use various pain management methods (massage, heat, cold, electric stim, etc.) specifically to enable your daughter to exercise and stretch. This will increase mobility and alleviate her pain better than the traditional rest therapy, as well as decrease her risk of re-injury and have better long-term results.


I personally have benefited from having both chiropractic care and PT in tandem. If forced to choose only one, I would go with PT for whiplash.

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