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Jacksonville FL Homeschooling Help

Guest wagonjl

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Guest wagonjl

We are moving to Jacksonville FL. Does anyone know anything about the co-ops and/or homeschool classes down there? :confused:


I'm really interested in learning more about the Classical Conversation Community and Providence Extension Program (PEP).


I've also looked at the Vine Homeschooling Co-op Group.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!:001_smile:

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I'm in Jacksonville. There are tons of HSing groups here, and lots of business's that offer classes for HSers. Duval County has over 2,000 registered HSers, and that's JUST the ones registered with the county (you don't have to register with the county, per state law, but can instead go with an "umbrella school"). AND that's just Duval county. Clay County and St. John's County are neighboring counties with HS'ers as well.


The best place to start is the local "legal" HSing organization...they are not a support group in the sense of gathering together for fun and play, but rather for legal issues, informational support and they host a Convention (this week actually). It's called HERI.....http://www.herijax.com.


As far as CC, I know there are 3-4 groups in the area. I went to the Open House for one...seemed great, but in the end, I decided CC was not for us. Have heard of PEP (actually they had a booth at last year's convention and saw them there), but didn't pay too much attention as again, not something that is for us.


HERI will give you a great list of local support groups. Also, several of the local support groups have Yahoo groups as their means of communication.....search in Yahoo groups as for Jacksonville homeschooling, and different variations.


There is a business in Orange Park (a Jax suburb) called Home Sweet Homeschool that offeres HS classes. O2B Kids, which is a huge child oriented rec center place, offers HS classes. The Zoo, Musuem of Science and History (MOSH), and several other places have HS classes. There's art classes, music classes, children's theatre (Theatreworks Jacksonville) etc etc.


Plus Jax is just 20-40 minutes (depending on where you live in Jax) from St. Augustine, which has a HUGE amount of fun historical things to do, and many of the places offered special HS days.


Between our co-op group, and the other activities in the area, sometimes it hard to find time to do actual school work! :willy_nilly: Kidding, but truly, I often have to pick and choose what activity is going to be a priority to make sure we have enough time to get our school work done.




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