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Thanks adhd/bahavior advice people!!

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I took son to a new pediatrician today to review his first month on a low dose med for his adhd challenges.


The med didn't make son worse... it did help him to physically calm down and relax some... so, the doc said we got a good start.


BUT the doc said that there are many other factors involved that we have to pay attention to... I forget his professional wording (it wasn't over my head, but I just forget how he phrased it) that my son has other significant issues... the oppositional defiant times, for example... that make it necessary to put together a team on his behalf to get him through the next several years and into adulthood. There's so much that this boy has had to deal with on top of the add/adhd that it makes it hard to tell if he has just add/adhd and sub-issues, or if he has a major issue and the add/adhd is a sub issue itself. He said that without some significant help, my son is at a high risk for failure because he will be very unhappy and dealing with such low self esteem from one failure after another (he still can hardly write and is starting 7th grade... all school work is very horribly done).


So, I am now looking into a developmental pediatrician/child psyciatrist.


That was recommended here... so I smiled to myself, thinking about the hive having answers!


And I am very thankful to have a ped. who is paying attention!!


Thanks again.

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You are so fortunate ! Your pediatrician actually recognized that your son's total situation is beyond his expertise !


Once you locate a well-educated psychiatrist, or other appropriate professional, who can work toward a more accurate diagnosis, your son will have much greater chance for greater progress. (He may not have ADHD in the first place, for example.)


Hope to hear back from you with good news that you all have a better understanding of the situation !

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