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Notebook for yourself

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there was just a thread about this on the curriculum boards and i got a few more ideas...i love to have a 'goals and focus' page for each child to keep in mind what i'm aiming to do. i also have a page for each that has subject down the left, books and plans down the right, so i can quickly glance to see the general overview.

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I keep our rotating morning schedule in it otherwise I FORGET!



Song of the week (with copies if needed)

Poem currently memorizing (copies)

Read aloud book

Rotating read aloud for the day

Science/presidents/Bible books, etc. memorization daily schedule which rotates daily

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I love my notebook!


The first thing in it is our vision and goals for our school. Basically, why do we homeschool and how do we plan on doing it.


I also have individual goals for each child.


I have a section where I keep track of what books they have each read to include in their end-of-year notebook for that grade.


I have our daily and monthly schedules in there.


I also include a section for ideas for next year, or ways to beef up the year we're in.

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Mine is divided into subject sections. English, math, history, science.

In the English section I have all the parts of speech defined and listed.

Like pronoun takes the place of a noun and I, me, my, mine, etc....

Math - I have the Roman Numeral key and Michele's Math.

History - my little summary of each section we have covered on the ancients.

Science - whatever we have covered.

I use it to review, which we do a lot.


Then I have a second section with those subjects where I keep the online worksheets I have printed and want to use.


At the back of the notebook are my weekly view sheets.

Every week I print out my weekly sheet and every day I write down what we have done. I do very little planning. Monday night I might write down the things I want to do Tuesday. I do have a broad plan in my mind. Like we *are* doing Latin roots and ancient history and Michele's Math, etc.... But I could never plan my days a year in advance. Life is too unexpected and then I would be lost if I couldn't stick to my plan. I never feel behind.

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