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moving gift ideas?

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One of my very best friends is moving out of state next week, and I'm so very sad. We haven't been friends for long, but when we met, we instantly clicked. Our husbands work together, our kids get along fabulously, and it's just so easy for us to spend time with each other. She's meant a lot to me in the last couple of years, and I'd like to give her something before they leave. But what? Any suggestions? I'm totally open to ideas!




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I have given candles as gifts. Yankee make a scent called "Home Sweet Home" that I have given several times with a note attached about how I hope this new home will feel like a "home sweet home" very soon! I personally like the smell of their "French Vanilla" or "Sugar Cookie" even more. They always say that when you are baking something in your oven it feels more homey. These candles give off the scent that something is baking and I love that!


Sorry you are losing a good friend.

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A special couple gave us a framed family picture. I still have it 10 years later.


One family gave us a ceremic cross made by the residents of a community group that we had all volunteered with.


I love to receive things that remind me of the place I am leaving. You could think about what is truly special about the area and get a little something to represent that. A small piece of art from a local artist could be nice. Even a a few framed post cards depending on where you live.


My husband and I like to give moving care packages. We try to think about the things that the family may need if they will be traveling to their new home--like snacks, disposable camera (in case the other is packed up), before the days of cell phones we gave a set of walkie talkies to a family that was traveling in seperate cars.


Sorry your friend is moving. I know how hard that can be and I hope that your relationship will be enriched even through the distance.



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