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Why do you do piano lessons?

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I'm trying to figure out what to do with almost-11yo ds.


He was taking private lessons in a music store for just under a year (we're on a 2 month break) and he's definitely a favored student. We've formed a close relationship with his teacher and the store owners, who are willing to offer a discount if/when the girls begin lessons.


Ds is very talented. Maybe not scary-genius talented, lol, but he can read music and play it easily, as well as play completely by ear. We had signed him up for lessons when he called us into his room to listen to him play Dream On, which he had only heard like twice. With chords.


He enjoys the lessons he takes, and they've helped him to understand the basics. But there are no real *goals* set. No performances or anything.


To me, music lessons are basically about fun, not concerts or a future career. But I do feel like ds has the potential to take this talent... somewhere.

On the other hand, we absolutely do not have the room right now for a "real" piano. He practices on a 70-some-odd key electric keyboard (See, I know nothing about music). It's not like we can realistically create a virtuoso 'round here.


Should I look for an actual music school? Should I look for one at a later date? And what should I even be looking for in a music school?


Or can I still be a not-terrible mom if we just keep paying/playing for the fun of it?

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Guest forson

I encouraged my kids to play. We changed teachers a couple of time to find a teacher that suited my kids. I "forced" them to practice. When my son was in high school he didn't have time but we go to a small church and his sister played mostly chords for church then my son did too. He can do amazing things. He loves to play. It is relaxing. His senior year he had a two hour block of time and took lessons for six more months. He learned he still could read music. He had an excellent teacher that orginally taught that most advanced music was based on chords so he learned fast. People still enjoy hearing him play.


If you don't have room for a piano maybe a church would let him come and practice sometimes. If the keyboard doesn't bother him ok. I have a friend who's daughter played on an old upright in the garage even when it was below zero. She is taking a break right now. She probably should have been granted a real piano as she got quite advanced and was starting to play in church.


I attempted to sell my piano recently and my children got mad! So I guess though my musicans are moving out the piano will stay.



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We're starting piano this fall because DD really wants to take piano...enough that she's giving up her gymnastics class (which she adores) in order to do so.


However, her pediatrician informed us at her 4-year well-check that she wanted to see DD in piano lessons before we came back for her 5-year well-check. She says that piano is extremely good at building neural connections and helping the brain later in life so she recommends it for all of her patients and there's something about the 4-5 year old window that is especially good. She turned 5 last month so we didn't listen THAT closely to the ped. ... oh well. ;)

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MIL bought the piano. Then told us to find a teacher.:001_smile: She pays the bill.


I happened that my son is loving it and has a natural talent. But little sister is rhythmically challenged, shall we say, and not enjoying it as much.


They do have recitals. One in the winter at a nursing home and one in the spring with a theme. They were both great fun.

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Guest Katia

We do piano lessons because my dd loves to play the piano. It makes her whole and feeds her soul.


Yes, she is very, very good. Yes, she could major in music and do something with it....but......she doesn't want to. She just loves it. And so, we continue with lessons.


We did need to switch piano teachers several times to find one that 'fit' her. But she doesn't do a music school or anything like that. She plays for the nursing homes, which she loves to do, and she plays for church. But mostly she plays for herself.....and for *me*, who listens in and enjoys it all as well.


If your dc loves playing the piano, to me, that is a good enough reason to continue lessons. Unless the dc has particular music ambitions there is no need to worry about 'just lessons'. They are fine. It's amazing what kids can accomplish with lessons when they love what they are doing. College would be the time to expand if that is a goal.

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My oldest takes piano because I had to! :001_smile: Actually, I took for 6 years (before I moved on to the oboe and flute), and still enjoy playing the piano virtually every day.


The cognitive and spacial brain development are a plus, too.


My 4 year old son is going to start next month and he's SO VERY excited.

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A while ago, I read an article on the benefits of children learning to play an instrument. The academic benefits are real; so many studies have been done to support this. The article stated the piano is the gateway to all instruments, and that has never left me.


Ds was showing interest in learning music (asked to play the drums), but I didn't want him to go that route initially, so we compromised on the piano. He attends a music academy up the road, and his teacher has been wonderful with him. Although he doesn't like to practice and we struggle with that, he picks it up quickly and gets upset if we mention taking him out of lessons (during our time to practice battles). He's only 6 right now, but I anticipate him learning the guitar (he's asked) somewhere around 9 or 10 once he has a good solid base under him with this instrument. At that point, he may want to continue with the piano afterall. DH and I played instruments in elementary school, and we both wish we had gone further than 8th grade. Having musical knowledge is important to both of us. Our youngest will also learn to play when he's old enough.

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My ds 12 has taken piano since he was almost 8. He was musical from birth, literally, and loved pushing buttons, and messing around on any keyboard within reach. He started on a 70 something key keyboard, and we have no room for a piano either, but within a year or so I got a good brand/low end model digital piano for about $500. If your son wants to learn piano, then he really needs a piano....digital or otherwise. The touch needs to be realistic. You can learn all you want on a keyboard, but it won't translate technique-wise to a piano. That would be my first step. If you are genuinely interested in more serious lessons, I would check online for your area's music teachers association, and get teacher recommendations through them. They have certain standards for their teachers, usually, and your son will have more recital opportunities, as well as opportunities to be involved in things like the Certificate of Merit program, National Guild, or National Federation of Music. All of these are excellent ways to provide a little more outside assessment/accountability, in addition to regular lessons. *but*, a full size weighted key piano (digital is fine) is absolutely what you need to look into next. Even if you decide that your son is fine with the teacher he has now. BTW, digital pianos don't take up much more room than a keyboard. This one is pretty similar to what we have..... http://keyboards-midi.musiciansfriend.com/product/Yamaha-YPG535-88-KEY-PORTABLE-GRAND-KEYBOARD?sku=706175

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