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Attn McRuffy phonics users


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Could I get away with just using the readers and work books and not the teacher's manual?


Also, I have a 5 y.o. who know's his long vowel words, he just needs to learn his diagraph's. He looks like he'd place better in the grade 2, but I don't want to short change him as learning reading is so important. Would the other stuff in grade 2 be too advanced for an almost 6 y.o.?


Also, do you find it through enough? How's the spelling program? Is there anything you need to supplement in it?

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My DS just turned 6 and did McRuffy Phonics for kindy. He knows his long vowels too and we are getting the first grade program to start in August. I really like the teacher's guide b/c it gives some help with "reading rules" that I've forgotten, it has questions about the readings to help with comprehension, and it also gives you some spelling words. It's just a really nicely done, cohesive program ----do you NEED the teacher guide, probably not, but you would be missing out on some things.

hth :)

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