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To Blog, or not to blog...

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Why do you blog?


How often do you do it?


Is yours just about school, or about life in general?


What blog site do you like and why?


What are some that it is easy to add pictures to and easy to "make my own"?


Last year I started a blog on Wordpress (I think). I did a few things, not much. I have been thinking of starting again.

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I love my lil' blog and have met many nice people. Primarily, I blog my journey as a writer, but I also throw in book reviews, book giveaways, quizzes, and as soon as school starts in the fall I'll be blogging about that. I do it to connect with others.


Blogger has worked nicely for me, and it's super easy to use (compared to Xanga and Wordpress, IMO.) I use several pictures, videos, and sidebar gadgets and haven't had a problem. As with anything, there's a learning curve, but it's not too steep.


Give it a try! If nothing else, you can record your own thoughts, and your family/hs journey. Nothing to lose but a bit of time:001_smile:

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My blog helps me keep track of what we've been doing in home school. I occasionally (actually haven't blogged about it in a while) blog about things that affect me as a lawyer. Lately I've been blogging more about my current pregnancy.


I blog in fits and starts. I may blog virtually every day for a month or so, then only 3 or 4 times in a month. It really depends on what is going on in my life and whether or not I want to report it.


My blog is on blogspot. I get my backgrounds free from thecutestblogontheblock.com. I make my headers in Photoshop (I just fumble around until I figure out how to do it). I also have other similar blogs linked from my blog.

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I rarely blog. I'm like the other poster who does so in fits and starts, depending on what life is like at the time. Mine is mostly an accountability for school type of deal. It keeps the kids' dad and other relatives up to date on what we're doing, and it keeps me somewhat organized in terms of ensuring I remain relatively on-track.


My sister considers blogging her SAHM-"job" and she does it primarily as a way to fuel her passion: Giveaways! She both enters and hosts a ridiculous number of free giveaways, has regular product reviews, and posts daily blurbs on her kids.


She blogged around, and finally settled on Blogspot as being the most convenient and easiest to personalize. My blog is there, too, because I'm a copy cat :)

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I started mine because I needed somewhere to start blogging other than Myspace. It's also on Blogspot for sheer convenience, and so far my blogging has been intermittent at best, but I keep doing it. It's pretty family-oriented because, quite frankly, I don't feel I have much else to offer the world. Once school starts, I'll be keeping track of things using the blog so my son will know his work is valued even if I can't keep all 15,383 projects.


Tonight's post will be about canning salsa and the adventures thereof; another post planned for Sunday will encompass a peach festival. Nothing fancy, but I like it. I just wish I could find a background I like...

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