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Math word problem and thinking skills resources....what are your favorites?


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I have a ds entering 4th grade that really struggles with word problems, reading comprehension, and thinking skills. These issues are evident to me and also supported by his Stanford test results. He can read above grade level and we just found out he needs glasses. I've got CLE reading comprehension materials for that skill and now I'd like to find some resources for his word problem and thinking skills issues.


I've used Singapore's Challenging Word Problems with him but they just offer practice rather than teaching how to do them. Our main math curriculum is MUS. He also struggles with place value and I have to teach this to him over and over. Any suggestions??


I bought Building Thinking Skill CD-rom grade 2-3 for my dc last year and this particular ds didn't want to do it. He also struggled with Mind Benders. Any suggestions for another thinking skills program that might go over with this ds? He likes video games so I thought he'd like the computer version of BTS since it's played like a game. It was too abstract for him, I think. He is a visual learner though and draws all the time. He also spends a lot of time building with Legos. I do restrict his video time, btw.


Thanks in advance for any replies!


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