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30-day Shred - COMPLETED! + 1 extra day.

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I have now done the 30-day Shred for *31* days. Once I get through this crazy, busy week, I am going to view her No More Trouble Zones dvd and try to alternate some of those circuits with the 3rd level on the shred. Going forward my goal is exercise four days a week doing Level 3 of the Shred two days a week and some of these other circuits (30 minutes worth) two other days a week. I plan to Shred Friday and start this other "plan" next Monday.


So, the results? Well, as I said I definitely should have measured to have something more quantifiable. I was not overweight when I started, so losing weight was not the goal, though a little bit would have been nice. I actually gained about a pound and a half to two pounds over the course of doing this. However, my friend who suggested this program said the same thing happened to her. I have not really modified my diet very much other than to try and cut down on sweets and to generally eat "healthier." I am a terrible water drinker, too. It took me 34 days to get in the 30 days so I only missed a total of four days -three in a row when we were out of town and one Sunday when I just had too much going on at church.


I think I look better. I probably should have taken some pics, too. I KNOW I feel better. I hope this has gotten me into a habit of exercising more than anything else. The big test will be if I can maintain the discipline of doing "something" once we start back to school. I hope I can.


Thanks for following along. Posting here made me more accountable.

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