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CLE Reading 3 vs Pathway Reading

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We started the year doing Sonlight Readers 2. He has loved the books; we have one left, I think. But the discussion questions didn't really add anything to it, and I felt we needed more comp questions and I'm not good at making those up myself---


So I had found the Pathway Grade 2 readers (there are 3 for the year) cheap at a used curriculum sale (paid maybe $2 each?) and I bought the first 2 workbooks. We're nearly through the 1st one now, and he really enjoys the stories and I like what is covered in the workbooks--phonics, things like alphabetizing--and comprehension questions. My son likes the curriculum, it takes him maybe 10-20 minutes to do, and the price is right.


I used CLE Reading Grade 1 (I Wonder) and we liked it a lot too--but it was pricier than Pathway--but I've read so many posts on here and other sites about it being such a great reading program---


Can anyone who has used both Pathway and CLE compare them for me? ETA--or anyone who has ANY opinion good or bad on one or either of these, or another suggestion??


N. reads a lot on his own, and I would like to add in some of what I"ve read in WTM for reading--writing summaries and the like--for these non-textbooks, but I think I would like also like to continue a reading curriculum for at least another year.


Any suggestions? We are doing WWE (about to start Level 2) and I love the way it has questions spelled out for me. Is there a resource like that for "real books" for the subject of reading? If I could find a reading curriculum that reads a "real book" and walks us through understanding it, summarizing, etc--that would be great too---




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We have done them both. I used the Pathway workbooks for a few years with my older two. They loved the books and eventually really did not like the workbooks.


We found CLE Math and LA and then I think I just went with the reading program also. It's the same thing - they like the books, but not the workbooks. However, it's just the way it is.


I don't think there is too much difference. The vocab, thinking about the story part is the same. I would say that CLE makes them think more. I honestly can't think of any major difference.


I still use the books from Pathway for reading practice with my youngest right now. We will start the I Wonder in Aug. with him. Again, I can't really remember why I switched--maybe hopeful that a different workbook for comprehension, etc. would make them like it a little more. Not so much!! :001_smile:

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thanks--that makes me feel better, that you don't see any major differences. If we're working towards more analysis on our own then, either workbook should suffice for this year--and Pathway is cheaper and I already have it. If we do a 3rd grade curriculum, I'll just see if he's sick of PW (and we'd do CLE for a year) or---whatever--




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