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What has your experience been with strep episodes after having tonsils out? (M)

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Both of mine had multiple bouts of strep and finally had Tonsils and adenoids out about 3 years ago. They had the surgery in early Dec of 2004 I believe. They both got strep again in Feb 2005! I was really upset. They went though one round of meds, still there. 2 rounds of meds, still there. We finally had to do a penicillin trial on my oldest (who was suspected of a possible allergy). YAH, he tested clean and can take penicillin! So, after the round of penicillin, they were clear and have been clear ever since!!!!


Having them out is not a guarantee to no more strep. Their DR explained it like this: Pretend your throat is a table top and the tonsils are like sponges strapped to the sides. When things go past, they can linger there more so with the sponges in place. SO for chronic issues, removing the sponges can help keep the bad things from soaking in and causing issues. But it won't get rid of it entirely.


I know you are probably really frustrated. Believe me, I get that. I had 2 kids doing it at the same time during which DH and I would often get it as well. I am happy to say that we are currently almost at the 3 year mark for being strep free! I really hope that you all will go that route too.



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I hate to be the bad news bearer, but 2 of my children still got strep all the time after having their tonsils out. I didn't let the 3rd kid get the operation after it didn't help the first two. What did help a lot was putting this last child on probiotics and cutting out milk. His immune system got stronger and he hasn't had strep in years.

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