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Literature-- Not sure how to ask, but is there a book or website that...

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uses *excerpts* from major literary works rather than having the student read the whole book/play/whatever? There just isn't enough time to read every book in its entirety, but there are so many that I want my dc exposed to!


Right now, ER is reading excerpts from Huckleberry Finn from an old BJU American Lit book. In this book, there is a brief introduction (descriptions of the author, setting, & characters) and then there's a synopsis of the first part of the story. The student then reads chapter 7, 17, 31, 38 & 39. The text of each of these chapters is printed in the book, and each is followed by a synopsis of the events that occur between that chapter and the next one the student will read; for example, after chapter 7, there is a synopsis of events that take place in chapters 8-16, and then the student begins to read chapter 17. (Does this make sense???) In this way, he gets the context of the story, but only reads selected chapters.


After he reads, he will complete comprehension activities and writing assignments.


Using this format is allowing ER to get to dig into some literature that he otherwise would not have time for. Unfortunately, I only have this one textbook that is set up this way, so I need MORE works that are excerpted & summarized like this!


So, do you know of a book or website that contains

1) reading assignments of selected chapters/acts for LOTS of novels/plays/etc.

2) a synopsis of the events that occur in the rest of the book, allowing the student to get a feel for the themes, etc. in context

3) comprehension activities & writing assignments that require literary analysis?

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Guest Lorna


I am not sure this is really what you are looking for but, this was posted a week or so ago. It is a link to a really excellent literature magazine edited by a home-schooler about your sons age. Each magazine is themed and there are selections of poetry, literature and commentary in each edition. They are a pleasure to read. They would certainly be a wonderful way for your son to tour great literature at a fast pace.

They are PDF files which you can download for free.


Sparrow Tree Square

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I've been thinking about literature as my boys head into junior high and high school in the next couple of years. As I research the many options out there, I've been looking at the literature books used at Scholars Online: http://www.scholarsonline.org/Info/Bookstore/textbooks.php They also use the textbooks England in Literature and United States in Literature. I purchased them used for myself, but I'm thinking I might use them for our high school studies too. I still have a list of books for them to read, but I like the way these textbooks present literature, and it may be just what I need to guide their studies.

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