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Update from last week on dd15 & school

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This is my first post on the new format. Hopefully, I don't mess it up. I also want to say that I quickly took my photo on my cell phone so I could post an avatar. Now that we can, it seems mandatory to me. lol Please excuse my post-cleaning frenzy hairdo/no makeup. Ah well, at least it's me.


Anyway, I just wanted to update those of you who advised me regarding my dd15's school situation. To briefly restate, she was given a zero on a final exam because the teacher thought she was talking. Dd was insistent that she never talked during that class. You wise women advised me to speak with the teacher, and I sent an email requesting a meeting.


This was the reply I received,


Mr. and Mrs. T______,

E_______ has been a good student for me and I think she was distracted by

others around her. I did grade her exam and did not give her a zero.

Others around her were communicating and giggling and E_______ seemed to be involved with them. I can say that E________ had a better attitude than the others when I asked them for their tests. She brought the test to me

and did not argue with me as the others did. I appreciated that she was

respectful about the situation. If you need anything further please let

me know.


Mrs. ______



A meeting was never necessary. Of course, I replied to the above, and dd is very thankful/grateful/relieved that her character was taken into consideration in the situation. I think we all learned something from this. Thank you again for your words of advice on the old boards.



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You handled that so well! And what a tribute to your dd that the teacher noticed that she behaved so differently from the others. That's what probably made the difference for her in the end--her attitude was great.




Agree totally. Thanks so much for updating us. Your story really tore at my heart. Glad it had a happy ending!!

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