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I took the IEW TWSS seminar this week.

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Glad I did it -- it was worth every penny. Having all of the units explained to me in a two-day block was great.


For the first time, IEW did a joint seminar where they had a Student seminar concurrently with the parent seminar. You had to be enrolled in the parent seminar if you wanted your kid to be in the student workshop.


My dd enjoyed being in a classroom for the first time, although she said she prefers homeschool. She got to read one of her compositions in front of all of the students and parents.


I also came home with SICC-B (we're finishing SWI-A). The girl at the sales table explained that SWI-B (which I'd planned to buy) was for kids who had no experience with the program. Based on my dd's reading level and experience with IEW, I chose SICC-B. I'm hoping it will last us through this next school year, at least.

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I'd love to have the opportunity to do the same. My kids got to take a few one-hour classes with Andrew this spring, and it was an excellent learning experience for them (even though they probably knew most of what was taught from watching the videos).


It sounds like you made a smart choice with SICC-B too. Good luck,



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My kids did a 2 hr seminar with Mr Pudewa and I watched TWSS on video this spring. We all enjoyed him so much!!


I have a hard time with his politics creeping into his stuff, but aside from that I think he is a great teacher and such fun in class. My kids loved him. He cracked them up.

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right ing conservative politics, is my suspicion.


I got a copy of the Magnum Opus and it was pretty dire IMO.


But Im a leftist wacko so Im pretty judgmental about stuff like that.


It included submissions which were expressing students POV, and obviously those will express the POV of the author and maybe not speak to the goals of IEW itself... But the articles included one which exhorted us to do "hard things" and give God our best and so on and so forth. It was not secular.


"Purity" ads fund it, plenty of anti evolution content, commentary on how our country has strayed from Biblical Principles... All the writing on the wall makes it pretty clear this is not a secular company or else they are targeting the mostfundamentalist christian homeschoolers.


I dont like it. And I wouldnt choose it if possible to get the content elsewhere (ie I'll buy used instead.)

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I will be attending the 2 day seminar (free) shortly. Do I still need to buy the TWSS?

Would it be possible to take enough notes from the lecture and come home and teach it to the kids?

Have any of you tried this?????

Thanks for your input:001_smile:

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