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IEW - what to buy questions!

SS in MD

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I'm considering buying IEW next year for my 6th & 8th grade dds.

But, I'm confused by the website -


what exactly do I buy?

I would like to get the SWI but do I need the TWSS also?

After we go through SWI whats next?

We are study medieval history next year, should I just get the medieval history based lessons?


Also, should I wait till oldest dd is in 9th grade to start IEW (will the cost be less?) Money is pretty tight right now (my husband is on disablity), so I have to consider waiting a year as well!


Thanks so much everyone! :)

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We used the SWI-B and loved it - it includes 15 classes so covers about 1 semester. I bought the TWSS and never watched it. It's recommended, but not required for using the SWI.


I've heard the medieval history based lessons are good too, but we haven't used them. Others on the forum use these books successfully without any additional products.


I personally think $99 is worth it for the SWI so kids get the instruction directly from Andrew Pudewa - he's an excellent teacher and makes the class fun. And you can always resell it to recoup some of your costs.


After SWI-B you're supposed to follow up with SICC-B, but I didn't want to spend $269 so I'm following up with another writing program and will go back in a year to SWI-C which also teaches note taking for high school.


IEW does an excellent job of teaching structure if that's what your children need - outlining, summarizing, planning, how to pull together a paper from multiple resources and proofreading their work. My daughter needed that and I was happy with the results.

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Thanks for the post. So, TWSS is not required for SWI? That's good to know. If we did SWI-B this year, next year 9th grader would be ready for SI-CC C? or does she need to take SWI C? Sorry I sound so confused! LOL~

Thanks for the help!

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I think you could do either SICC-B or SWI-C after SWI-B. Either one will provide reinforcement and move onto new material.


Once you order any product directly from IEW then you will have access to lessons plans for other products and you can see which one will be a better fit for your students.


If you do SICC-B after SWI-B then your 6th grader will be able to do it too. SWI-C moves onto rhetorical essays and your 6th grader probably won't be ready for that yet.


If money is an issue, have you looked at Stack the Deck products? I've read some good reviews on this Forum and it's very reasonably priced. I think it might also be a good follow up to SWI-B. http://www.rainbowresource.com/prodlist.php?sid=1247251633-1499805&subject=7&category=1562

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Here's info on Write with the Best:




I like the classical approach to imitating the best writers. There are 2 volumes - my DD is strong in grammar (5 years of Shurley) and imagery which is covered in vol 1 so she'll be using vol 2.


I kind of look at this way.... she learned excellent structure from SWI-B, now she will learn style through imitating the best and then we'll work on structure again with SWI-C. Hopefully by that time she will have a good writing foundation and we'll continue honing these skills with whatever English class she's taking in High School or review with Stack the Deck.

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