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Any experience with Rainbow Resource returns?

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I have never, in 13 years of homeschooling, returned curricula I ordered over the internet or through the mail. I usually just left in on the shelves and assumed I'd get around to using it.


But, since the boys are older, my needs/desires are more specific at this time. I looked through RR return policy and it seems fine. All the books look just like when I received them. I've packaged them well and am ready to send them back.


However, I noted that they say they cannot accept returns that are even slightly damaged. They give the example of using a book as a hard writing surface and the impressions made on the cover make it impossible to resale. OK, that makes sense - none of that was done with my materials. In fact, they came out of the box, I thumbed through them, and they went back into the box.


So....what happens if they get the return and deem it unacceptable? Do they send it back to the customer? Is it returned but at a discount? Would I have to pay again to have it sent back to me? Who wins if they insist it's damaged but I insist it wasn't at the time I shipped it? Am I being overly paranoid :tongue_smilie:


I would love to hear from anyone who has successfully returned items to RR. And from those who have had problems.

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Anyone return anything recently to RR?

I have 2 workbooks that I just received in the mail and I don't particularly like the look of them, so I'm considering returning them.  Is it worth it or should I just try and resell them?  The previous poster in this thread had not had a good experience... is this common?

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I have returned things and never had any problems. I've always found RR to be decent and fair, never a WP kind of setup.


You should note that if you have just made a minimum amount for free shipping. If your return puts you under the limit, then you would owe shipping on the original order.

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I just ordered a "bargain book" math textbook and workbook set from RR. I was expecting it to be a bit beat up since it was almost half off. It was in great condition and it looked new to me. I asked my husband to look it over to try and understand why it was listed as a bargain book. He looked and quickly said the spine had been bent when it was opened before we got it. I wouldn't have noticed but when I took a good look someone probably flipped through the books a couple of times and perhaps decided she didn't want it.

On a side note I wanted to return a 5 dollar Kumon workbook from Amazon a couple of years ago and filled out a form online saying i thought the description of the book was not correct and to print out a return label. I got an email back saying they would refund my money and since I was a valued customer I could just keep the book. I guess it was cheaper than saying r the shipping back and to restock it.

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