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Battle of BORING Mom vs. PLAYFUL Children

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I need ideas to make memorization fun! My children are boys ages 4 and 9 (4th grade).













I know what I want them to memorize, I just need to make them enjoy it!


I am just not creative in the area of education. I know some people can pull this stuff out of thin air, but, "Not I," said the boring mom!



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Well, I'm not sure what areas you're interested in. But we've made huge leaps in geography this year using seterra, free online software that you can download. The kids think it's fun because they try to beat their time and it keeps their score. It might be seterra.com, but if not just do a search for seterra.


Good luck!


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I am looking for ideas for all subjects.


For math we just use flash cards and we have a few games such as Presto Chango.


We are looking for ideas adaptable to any subject:










Latin (although we have not even picked out a curriculum for this yet)




And others that I am sure I have left out.


I have found a few ideas by doing searches.


My kids LOVE songs, but I am not good at making them up.


Thanks for your suggestions!

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We just discovered math war - a card game based on the game War, except you each out down 2 cards and the person with the highest sum/difference/whatever math facts you're learning wins that hand. We've only been playing it for a week and ds is already recalling math facts more quickly and easily. (He already knew them, he just didn't like the worksheets for drill.)

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