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Vocabulary from Classical Roots?

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Has anyone used this? I'm trying to decide on a word root program or vocabulary program for dd12. I already have Vocabulary Vine and have never used it, so I probably will try to incorporate that next year. But a workbook approach might be easier. Opinions?




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I looked at at least 7 or 8 different roots/vocab programs and VFCR was my favorite.


Things I like:

1. Easy, open-&-go workbook format (no need for extra materials like flashcards, no extra teacher planning, etc)

2. Different activities (antonyms, analogies, etc) to reinforce concepts

3. Built-in review every 4th lesson

4. Flexible -- with 16 lessons per book, you can do 2 books/yr or stretch it out with other activities, writing, etc

5. Books for 4th through 11th grade, so you don't need to switch programs every few years



ETA: I would start with "Book 4" regardless of age/grade, and go through the books in order. If you start in Book 6 or Book A (7th grade) or whatever, you will miss learning the roots in the earlier books.

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