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Letter of recommendation etiquette?


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What is proper etiquette for thanking the teachers who write letters of recommendation for your dc’s college applications? Dh says (and I agree) that it’s a significant amount of work to write a good letter of recommendation, not to mention if it needs to be tailored and sent to a number of schools. Do you send a just a thank-you note? A small gift? An honorarium? Anyone know what’s most appropriate? We’re asking for letters of recommendation from the tutor of an online math course ds took just recently, and a music teacher who’s known ds since he was 7.


Thanks in advance!

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I don't believe that there is a standard formula; however, I can tell you what

my daughter did. After making her final decision from the acceptances that she

had received, she gave each of the women who wrote her recommendations a bouquet of flowers, a few edible goodies, her thanks, and the news as to where she would be attending.




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