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Anybody ever made a Wall-E cake?

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I'm attempting to build the robot in the morning.


What would work well for the neck? Or how is that little neck supporting that big head??


Any other suggestions for this project?





(My cake will look nothing like this. :D)

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I would make the head and neck out of something besides cake. TP tubes covered in tin foil before frosting them for the binocular-looking part, maybe? Not sure on the neck, but something sturdy that is not cake, IMO. Maybe the same idea for the sides with the treads. I would probably make the box part in the middle out of cake and everything else out of other stuff. Then, frost all of it.

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Thanks for the help!


I was thinking black licorice for the treads on his, what are they, wheels?


I'm mulling over the non-cake for everything besides the torso option. It's certainly a good thought. It would be much easier that way.

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I would use a piece of PVC pipe. Make it long enough to go from the base (through all of the bottom layers) to the top of the neck.


It would be great if you could attatch the PVC to the base first, 'string on' the bottom layers of cake then attatch a cake board to the top.


I would probably make the head out of rice-crispy treats (easy to mold and light weight)--covered in fondant or iced with buttercream (I'd go with marshmallow fondant--easy to work with, colors great and tastes great too!).


To shape neck--you can buid it up (making it square) with rice-crispy treats or you can just build it up with icing--again fondant would be the easiest.


Personally I'd go with the Wilton cake pan that is shaped like Wall-E.



Marshmallow fondant:

In microwave safe bowl combine:

16oz bag Kraft Mini-marshmallows

2 Tbs water

1 TSP vanilla

Microwave in 30sec increments until smooth.

(for chocolate fondant add 2 squares melted baking chocolate after you melt mixture)


If you have a mixer with a dough hook:

Grease mixing bowl and dough hook. Dump in melted mixture and MOST of a 2lb bag of powdered sugar (reserve 1-2 cups). Knead with the mixture until you have a smooth dough (about 5 minutes).

Turn out on clean counter that has been lightly greased (Crisco) and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Knead by hand (grease hands first!) and incorporate more powdered sugar if needed to make a soft dough that is not sticky. Wrap in a double layer of plastic wrap and refrigerate until needed (you may need to microwave for a few seconds before use if it is too cold).


If you do not have a mixer with a dough hook: Stir in as much powdered sugar as possible (greasing wooden spoon first helps). Grease hands and counter. Knead in as much sugar as you can to make a soft/ non-sticky dough. WARNING it may be very HOT at first--use caution.


Crumb-coat (lightly ice) cakes with buttercream icing. Roll out fondant (grease counter and dust with powdered sugar often while rolling out --lift fondant between rolls and dust underneath so it does not stick). I roll mine just less that a quarter inch thick. Lay over cake and smooth. Cut of any excess. (LOTS of YouTube videos show you how to do this).

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You have great ideas! I love the rice krispy plan and a pvc pipe would make an excellent spine!!


I would love to just buy the pan, but unfortunately we're overseas and ordering something often takes forever. (I ordered a Thanksgiving table cloth at the end of October that I finally got in January this year!) I'm down to the wire, anyway. I need to bake it tomorrow.


Thanks for the recipe! Super helpful!!


Want to just come make the cake for me? :lol:

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HAHAHAHA!! This just made feel really bad:001_unsure:. I have made my son's cakes forever! This year (actually I just ordered it about half an hour ago) I ordered a Wall-E cake from Wall-Mart. I should be more on the ball and make it, but things have been so crazy, so I am cheating and getting a pre-made.

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You could use Twinkies kinda squished and pinched to make his eyes, covered in frosting. I'd probably use a plastic riser for the neck, the kind they use to separate layers on wedding cakes....too tired to remember it's name, lol.




I found this online, but there is a lot of non-edible parts:


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