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Someone pat my head and say, "there, there".....

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I am planning for next year and when I came to the forum to search a particular topic, I realized my answer would be here on the High School Board.




Um....I'm not ready for High School.


Just thought I'd introduce myself.......:lol:



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There, there. You can do this. It really is just the next step (with formality).


Welcome to the big kid table! Everything (mostly) I ever wanted to know about homeschooling through high school I learned on this board. You're in good company. :001_smile:



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Hi Battlemaiden


I'm done with high school as of last December--it is weird to start hs and weird to finish it. I get to go to the college board now! I know what you mean about "not ready."


I think this board has a different feel than the others. Part of that may be that high schoolers and their parent/teachers are just so darned busy that there's no time to post! Part of it could also be that so much of the work is independent. My point is, don't worry if you don't get as much feedback or as quick a response--the high schoolers are here, just not as frequently.

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My oldest will be a 9th grader this fall. I keep logging on, starting to search the high school board, then feeling overwhelmed and annoyed that I wasn't here for the past year or so. One of these days I'll take a deep breath and jump in; we plan to start school in early August.


Glad I'm not the only "newbie" here!


Shelly - who in the fall will homeschool a high schooler, a middle schooler, an elementary student, and a preschooler (just typing that makes me think WHERE DO I START?!!!)

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